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Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Why are you so cold?

"You make me freeze.", she said. And then she told herself the whole story, 'cause nobody else would listen. "Sometimes", she said, "Sometimes I really wonder if it's hard. Is it hard to forget me? Is it hard to do different things allday until there's nothing else to do so youre coming up to me? Is it hard? I wonder how it feels to be indipendet so sudden. How it feels to fall out of love and feel no butterflies anymore." She looks blankly. There was nothing she'd rather do than just being with him.  Or, secretly, getting the person back he used to be a year ago. "You know, I miss you so much. In every second. More than I can take. But I dont tell you." Her eyes  got shiny with every breath she took. "I stopped telling you at the moment I decided to be happy. Why? Because it hurts." It was terrible silent. watching a tear puring down out of her left eye felt bitter inside. A sad, cold, tear on her white skin. "It hurts to tell you I missed you. It hurts to see you being cool and naughty to me even though all I need is the little piece of emotions left in you. I promised you to be happy. I promised you to get over the old you. But I think, that needs time. And I dont know if I can keep this. Another promise I probably cant keep. But one thing is for sure, I wont tell you. I'm trying hard to death to be as cool as you are. To be as closed as you are. Because I can't stand. I can't stand anymore, that all the happines is caught in memories. I can't stand to see you leave smiling. I can't stand to feel this huge distance between us. Really, I'm tired. Our happiness is a prisoner of our past."

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