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Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Back then.

Back then you were mine, in every possible way. Back then I was yours, because I got back what I gave you, even more than I could've imagined. Back then you made my days bright, every morning I woke up and you were around me, with all you good and bad sides, sometimes you were smiling, staring at me, and I saw it in your eyes, this shiny beauty, this burning love was everything I've ever needed. You made me laugh, made me forget whatever bothered me. You walked into my life again and again, every step you took you held my hand. You brang me joy, and the best of all, you made me feel it. Back then, you made me feel how hard u felt for me, for us. You made me feel the power in your heart, the emotions you couldn't control. You showed me how stupid love could make us, how many things I did I've never thought I would had done. You colored me in, every single part of me, every day. I was the one you liked to stay around in each second. We felt asleep watching each other, we woke up smiling. We had lunch together, we talked until the sun rised again. We were one, and no one could stop  us. We stood there, hand in hand, and beat everything bad that came up to us. We fought together, not with each other. Back then, you carried me home and watched me fall asleep. Back then, you left me letters, and with every word I read, my heart beat went a little faster, I felt so warm inside. And everyday I became happier, I felt like having the whole world as my own. And back then I thought it would never stop. Never stop being that way. But you did. You stopped

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